In 2016 I defended a Ph.D. in Computer Science, which was a cotutelle between the Université de Lorraine and the University of Calgary; my advisors were Emmanuel Thomé and Michael J. Jacobson, Jr.

My thesis was on the fast computation of theta functions, in time which is quasi-linear in the number of digits of precision wanted. The method generalizes a link between theta constants and the arithmetico-geometric mean, using Newton’s method to achieve the desired complexity; this method appears to generalize nicely to theta functions of genus 2. You can take a look at my manuscript, which was written in English.

My research works was published in the following papers:

I also published a research article during my first year of master’s, on genus 2 point multiplication:

Finally, during my Ph.D., I also wrote an article, which was accepted as a short talk at SSTIC 2015; this article deals with building quickly a dictionary of famous sentences and expressions, using Wikipedia, to be used for password cracking. Here is the full paper, an appendix with more informations, and the presentation slides.