Interactive Fiction

I have been writing and designing interactive fiction (that is to say, narrative text-based video games) for more than ten years, in French (my mother tongue) and also in English. I have written about a dozen games, some of which have even won prizes! Find out more about my games on this page.

I also help developing and maintaining a few tools related to interactive fiction. Here is a page dedicated to these tools.

I also wrote a few essays on interactive fiction, which were published in several places; you can read them at this page.

I am also active in the field of translation for these games, by making tools to streamline the process, but also by translating games myself, from English to French but also from French to English. You can find out more about all this on this page.

Finally, I am also available for hire in this field! You can commission an interactive fiction work from me, or hire me to write or translate your interactive fiction works.