Code and development

Here you will find the source codes of my games, as well as code and tools to help creating interactive fiction.

Source code of my games

One of the best ways to learn Inform 6 is to read other people’s code. Here’s a zip file with the source code of all my games; I also converted them in more readable Web pages (with syntax highlighting) using Pygments:

Inform 6 extensions

I wrote a few Inform 6 extensions, which are in their own Bitbucket repository. Some extensions that might be of interest to you are:
PhraseNames, an extension which allows you to extend and complexify the recognized names for an object;
EffetsDeTexte, an extension for all kinds of text effects (colors, timed effects, etc.);
OneWordParsing, an extension to bypass traditional input mode and make a verbless game like Walker and Silhouette.

I also wrote a few Inform 6 extensions for Vorple, in order to perform a few  effects; you can find them, along with other extensions, in this Github repository.

Libraries for Inform 6 in French

I am also the maintainer of the French-speaking Inform 6 librairies; you can find them in this repository.

Right now the version of the librairies 6/11; there’s still a bit of work to do before having them at version 6/12.

Translation tools

I also have developed tools to help translate interactive fiction; these tools are Python scripts you can use to translate Inform 6, Inform 7 or Twine. These tools allow you to extract the text from source code into a .po file, so that you can work on the translation without messing with the code; this is useful if you do not know these programming languages, or if you want to avoid inadvertently introducing bugs in the code while working on it. You can find these tools on my Translations page, or directly from the bitbucket repository.