Hire me!

Do you have an idea for a game but you need somebody to write it? Do you need a narrative game for a special occasion? (Or for a special someone?)

If that’s the case, hire me! I can design and write narrative games tailored to what you are looking for. If you want a parser game, a hyperlinks-based game, or a game mixing both, ask me; I will use the experience I gained during the ten years I have spent writing games and being involved in the IF community. I can also join your team on your current project, and contribute some writing or help designing your game. Feel free to send me an email!

Couverture de "Le kébab hanté"I have written a game on commission: Le kébab hanté, a short and accessible parser game made with Vorple. The game is set in the transmedia universe of Aventuriers Intérimaires, created by Laurent Pendarias, who commissioned this game. I had to set the game within the parameters of this universe and read the other works set in this world, so as to integrate lore elements, and I used an original setting for the game and added my own lore elements to this universe. The game came out in October 2017.

On a more original note, I have also designed invitations for a wedding that were a hypertext game made with Twine.

I am also available for hire to translate your narrative game between English and French! As you’ll see on my page on translations, I already have translated several games from English to French, and a few more from French to English; I also worked on specialized tools to streamline the process, by working directly on .po files.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email, or a Twitter DM!