I am Hugo Labrande, and I have been writing and designing video games for 14 years (and 20 games). I’m also the and editor-in-chief for the website www.fiction-interactive.fr. Welcome to my page! Use the menu above to see my portfolio, or subscribe to my newsletter in French. I am also available for hire! 

Allow me to insert an ad for my latest project:

Contact: via email at (myfirstname)_at_hlabrande.fr; on Twitter @hlabrande.

Et oui, ce site est bilingue !

Hire me!

Do you have a game idea but need someone to write it? Do you need a narrative game for a special occasion? (Or a special someone?) Do you need someone with experience in narrative games to edit or translate your game?

If that’s the case, hire me! With 13 years of experience and interest in narrative games, both in English and French, I am a mainstay of French interactive fiction; I have a very good knowledge of the tools, the history and the possibilities of the genre, allowing me to create something that fulfills your needs and requirements. I can use a variety of tools, adapt to your requirements specification, and I’m not afraid of coding; I have written games for PC, mobile, and for companies!

  • Don’t hesitate to contact me, even if your project is small or atypical. I have even created wedding invitations, as a Twine hyperlink-based game inspired by Carmen Sandiego!
  • I have completed commissions, which you can see on this page, along with recommendations of my previous employers.
  • You can also take a look at my works, which shows a good deal of variety in themes and tools used, and what people said about them.
  • I also offer my services for editing or translating your narrative game, between English and French. I have translated several games from English to French, as well as a few from French in English; I have also worked on creating special tools which allowed me to have faster and more resilient processes.

Contact me by sending an email at (myfirstname)_at_hlabrande.fr; or on Twitter @hlabrande. I hope to talk to you soon!