Commercial games

L’affaire Colossi (in French)

A young manager working in a large technology company with an excellent reputation discovers that, behind all the talk and corporate messaging around recycling their e-waste, the company’s policy is actually completely immoral and illegal, focusing on short-term profitability despite pollution risks, and contrary to the reputation of the company as an ethical one. Should he talk, or keep quiet? Use this as leverage to climb the ranks, or become a whistleblower?

Branching game with a dozen different endings; around 30,000 words, a couple of hours are sufficient to see most endings. Published by Readiktion (defunct).

“There’s more branches that you could think at the beginning of the game (with a real variety in the different possible ‘fates’), it’s cool.” — Stéphane F., author of “La tempête”.

“So good! In my first try I got carried away and things ended badly for me, then I came back to it to find the most pleasant ending (but I don’t want to spoil it). It’s very realistic.” — Goss, author of “Late for Love”.

Go West (in French)

Discover Alberta! I will be your guide in several scenic locales, illustrated by my own pictures showing the majestic Canadian Rockies. You will also learn more about local culture and gastronomy!

Parser game with 3 endings and a dozen achievements to unlock. Peaceful, goal-free exploring, travelogue-style; around 1 hour of play.
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“Captivating. Very nicely made! You learn a lot of things!” — Marcel Le Jeune, ex-editor in chief of the magazine CPC.

Tristam Island

After a storm destroyed your airplane, you wash upon the shores of an island, lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But you quickly find signs indicated the island was one day inhabited, and as you look for a way to call for help, you progressively uncover the island’s secret…

Parser-based game, published on 36 platforms, from the Commodore 64 to the Dreamcast, the GameBoy or the ZX Spectrum+3. Moderate difficulty, about 6 hours of gameplay; English only, with the French version coming soon. Published on

“I downloaded this game last night and I’ll say I’m pretty impressed. It actually feels like this could have been published back in the 80’s, and I mean that in the best way possible.” – Morningstar

“One of the best games I’ve played (AAA titles included). The game is full of atmosphere, great writing, and the puzzles are all very well thought out and intuitive. I have a ton of games on my PS4, and I’ve had more fun with this indie title than most of them 🙂 I seriously can’t wait for more games from Hugo Labrande.” – Ninjadoodle


Alex and Mackenzie love each other deeply. The problem is that they live on opposite sides of the galaxy. They decide to start the journey to finally meet each other, aided by Einstein’s relativity; but as their ships get closer to each other, their families age much faster than them…

Visual novel written for Ludogram’s mobile platform, the SériePlay app for Android & iOS. Romance story with 20 episodes, with multiple choices.