Le kébab hanté (in French)
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Couverture de "Le kébab hanté"

Parser game with hyperlinks to help beginners; rather short (half an hour). Urban fantasy genre with a bit of humor; the game is set in the transmedia universe (which already existed prior to this commission) of Aventuriers Intérimaires, created by Laurent Pendarias, who commissioned this game. The game was released in October 2017. Illustrations by Yue and Fugushiman.

We knew Hugo through his work. When we talked to him about this zany idea of a haunted kebab shop, he jumped at the opportunity and created this vibrant paranormal investigation. Hugo studied thoroughly all the angles in the universe of Aventuriers Intérimaires [Freelance Adventurers], reading books, short stories and games, to provide an experience which matches the lore, while still adding his own touch. The result is a sleek game which often draws people in, sometimes frustrates them, but always makes them think. — Laurent Pendarias, creator of the Aventuriers Intérimaires universe.