I am currently working in computer security; my favorite areas are cryptography and password cracking. I have written an article (published at SSTIC 2015) on building quickly a dictionary of famous sentences from Wikipedia, to crack passphrases. Here’s the full article in English, an appendix, and presentation slides.

Before that, I was a math teacher in “classes prépa” for three years; and before that, I defended my Ph.D. in computer science, in the field of mathematical cryptography, on fast computation of theta functions. You can see my articles in the INRIA open archives or on Google Scholar ; my code is available in this Github repository.

Finally I’m also occasional contributor to the “Trajectoires” podcast (in French), which talks about mathematics. Presented by FibreTigre, the podcast explores mathematical themes, starting from a level anyone can understand and “climbing the mountain of maths” to reach a very in-depth and technical discussion. There’s also puzzles on the forum of Qualiter, the producers of the podcast (they have a Patreon).