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A game in which you, as a reporter for a gossip magazine, have to investigate a dark case, much more serious than your usual scoops… This is only the introduction of the game; the full game will come out eventually, as I’m still working on it, but very slowly. I should mention that the full game will probably be very different from the introduction, as I am probably going to change quite a few game design elements.
This game placed 2nd at the 2009 Introcomp.

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Heading East

This game is about two friends living in Vancouver, for who it’s the last summer before leaving for university… This game entered ShuffleComp: Disc 2, and was written under the pseudonym Alex Davies.

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Life on Mars?

The first mission to colonize Mars ended with a horrible shuttle crash, and it’s a miracle you’re still alive… Now you just have to wait until the second shuttle gets here. Five more months…

This game placed 13th out of 53 at the 2015 IFComp.

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The original game, in French, won the 7th French IF Comp.


Major games in French

Les espions ne meurent jamais

You, Randolph McHifflin, the greatest mad scientist of history, must figure out how to kill your nemesis, the English spy James Powers, who is conveniently tied up on a chair in front of you; but, as they say, an English spy never dies!

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Ma princesse adorée

In this medieval city (with bits of magic), you are a wizard student looking to impress the princess, with whom you fell in love…

This game was awarded the Label Qualité Mimésis, awarded to games with no major bugs, after a long beta-test process!

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Homeland Security

After losing all your money playing poker in Aruba, as well as your passport, you wake up hungover in the airport; you must find a way to fly back home in time, or your wife will start asking questions!

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You have formally been tasked by the village council to help your island reduce its consumption of diesel, in order to reduce expensive imports from the nearby island; survey the village consumption, then, be creative!

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Le kébab hanté

Couverture de "Le kébab hanté"

As a freelance paranormal investigator, you are called on New Year’s Eve by the owner of a kebab shop to investigate odd phenomena.

This game was commissioned by Laurent Pendarias and is set in his own transmedia universe of Aventuriers Intérimaires. The game was illustrated by Yue and Fugushiman.

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Other games in French

I’ve also published a few more games; however, I spent less time on them and they are less polished and may feature more bugs.

Châtiment divin : You are a simple man with the mission of saving the Earth from an incoming disaster by recovering a mythical weapon.
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Divine bonace : A game in which you,  you, a sailor in Ancient Greece, must investigate to find the cause of the sudden drop in the winds that cause your ship to be immobilized. One of my two entries in the 2007 French IF Comp.
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Brr!: A short and silly game highlighting how primitive our syntax becomes when we talk to an IF parser. My other entry in the 2007 French IF Comp.
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Un jeu d’enfant : A violent tale with a shocking twist.
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 La femme qui ne supportait pas les ordinateurs

A port of an old game by Chine Lanzmann and Jean-Louis Le Breton and published by Froggy Software. This funny game starts with your computer starting to talk to you, but then it goes on a rampage on the network!
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